Hartford Colonials’ Stay Was Much too Short

In Uncategorized on August 11, 2011 by jmannreview

Unfortunately, the experiment ended after only 1 year.  After just a rookie season in 2010 in the UFL, the Hartford Colonials have been told that they are no longer welcome in the UFL.  After a 2010 campaign that saw the Colonials post a 3-5 record, including a great season finale where the Colonials rode a hail mary half time pass to a 27-13 win over the Las Vegas Locos.  Things seemed upbeat for the 2011 season too, as the NFL Lockout looked like it was going to provide some free exposure to the league that admittedly had been losing money since its inception in 2009.

That optimism was magnified by the team’s hiring in June 2011 of Jerry Glanville as head coach, after the team’s head coach in 2010 Chris Palmer accepted a coordinator’s position in the NFL.  This season was shaping up to be interesting if nothing else.  The man in black was going to resurrect his career here in the UFL and we would be a part of it.  We were excited to watch a game in person again just like that cold November afternoon last year.

Then the Lockout ended.  there goes the free TV exposure.  Then the rumblings began that the league, which consisted of five teams total (Las Vegas, Sacramento, Omaha and new entry Virginia) was struggling and couldn’t afford to play 8 games.  The uneven scheduling caused by five teams spread around the country was going to make the logistics of playing eight games very difficult.  Back in July, the league started making contingency plans that did not include the Colonials.  And all of a sudden, it cost $150,000 to stage a game in Hartford where it would only cost $75,000 to stage games at the other four locales.  (I find this hard to believe that it cost TWICE as much to stage a game here compared to anywhere in California and especially Las Vegas).

Finally earlier today, the Colonials were told that they were going to go the way of the other professional sports team that called Hartford its home – the Hartford Whalers.  Promises were made that they would be considered for the league in 2012, which of course contradicts the reason they were let go any way, the cost of staging a game there was not going down next year, so what else would change?  Nothing, that’s the point, the Colonials are through. 

It’s a shame.  It was enjoyable to watch a game there.  I guess I’ll stick to teh New England Patriots.


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